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April 19, 2021

Guide to Choose Computer and Laptop for Personal Use

Choosing computer or laptop is not an easy task, some people will aim for the specification and the others having tendency to aim for the brand. But sometimes people tends to forget what are they using thus computer for. This guide is written personally based on my opinion and experience while take look on other people experience while using their laptop.

So which one computer / laptop I should buy?

The answers is really simple, what are you gonna do with this new computer? For example for give better image while making presentation to client you can aim for brand like Apple with it's apple back light logo.  If you are hardcore gamer aim for high specs and those RGB keyboard style. Just remember to buy for what you need. I have some stories from my coworker or friend where they rarely use the computer or laptop they've buy, just remember focus on utility. If you rarely / don't use it often, reconsider before buying it.

What computer specification I should choose?

The rule is simple:


Aim for higher number core if you need to use more multi processing at once, for example opening browser, music, office, another office and another office program at once, need many program working on the background or just capability to add virtual background on zoom.


Need for speed? Aim for higher RAM, just keep remember though don't increase RAM beyond your motherboard capability and capacity.

Graphic Card

Needed for graphic related thing, from a simple 2D to hardcore 3D rendering thing. High spec games demanding high spec graphic card. 

Hard disk or SSD?

Need another speed boost? Go on SSD. Limited budget? (still) go with SSD with low storage capacity. SSD is a must for system, it can boost your computer / laptop speed performance around 3 times. If you use computers you can adding hard disk to increase your storage capacity, but if you use laptop or all in once PC reconsider your storage slot before adding it, most of laptop only have single hard disk / ssd slot, but on some computer you can sacrifice CD / DVD to be caddy for SSD or having M2 slot for SSD 

What laptop design I should pick?

Pick a slim design with touch screen support for elegant look, pick a big laptop and wide monitor with many port (VGA, HDMI, MC Card, etc) for utility.

Another thing to consider?

Budget, brand and upgrade capability. If you have limited budget sacrifice the others specs that you didn't need and make sure it can be upgraded, for brand it's depend on the user choice. But some brand are really good and making laptop that really durable, but it's back to the usage of the user. If you maxed out you laptop or computer capability all the time (it can be very heat when touching it) then mostly it won't last long. 

April 14, 2021

Fixing Wireless / WiFi Printing Problem

Wireless printing is really helpful because we can use a limited number of printer to be accessed by many users with the absence of USB cable connection. But it can be double edged when there is problem with print despite it can be used to print normally when using cable. The most common problem is the  connection between printer and computers isn't linked. Actually we can tracing it by ourselves by checking the connection, the printer it self, and comparing with other computer. Few tips to trace it is described below:

1. Check your Printer

First we need to make sure that the Printer it's self working normally while using USB cable. If the printer can't printing while using USB, the problem is on the printer it's self. While the printer is able to print using USB cable but can't print using wireless, then check the printer connection, does it connected to any wireless network or not? For common Epson product you can check this by hold the i symbol until 15s then released it, if connected to any wireless the printer will printing it by describing it's current WiFi signal and it's IP (usually listed as 192.168.xxx.xxx and you need this IP to trace it later if the problem persist). If using WiFi Direct feature make sure the SSID (WiFi signal name) is broadcasted from the printer.

 2. Check the connection between printer and computers

The most simple way to check your connection to printer is by comparing your comparing to the other computers / laptops. Does the others computers can access the same printer or not? If the others also can't then it can be the wireless configuration on the printer. Does the it's configured as static IP or there is change on WiFi configuration on the printer it's self or all the network. Mostly it can be check by pinging the Printer IP by ping command from running CMD (for windows user).

CMD Ping Command 

If you get reply the there is no connection proble between computer and printer, but if the result of pinging is Request Time Out or Unreachable then fix the connection by checking each IP does it have the same network or not. 

 3. Check the computer it's self

If there is no problem on the connection between Printer and Computer then trace the computer, usually it can be solved by removing printer from control panel and adding it again.  

Removing and Adding Printer on Control Panel

You can try to print test after re-adding it, if the problem still occurred try to:

a) Removing the printer again then uninstall the printer driver from program list 

Uninstalling Epson L405 Printer Driver

b) Restarting your computer or laptop 

c) Re-install the driver and adding the printer again from the control panel.

Hopefully after doing this the problem is solved. Have a try !

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